Full Name
The Asia-Pacific Chapter of the International Society for Military Ethics (APAC-ISME)

Vision Statement
The purpose of APAC-ISME is to promote high-quality research and teaching on professional military ethics within the Asia-Pacific defence and national security environment.

Mission Statement
Our end goal is to progress the quality of human security in the Asia-Pacific region by exploring and strengthening a set of mutual values and principles that underpin our shared experiences and aspirations.

Military practice clearly has significant ethical and practical importance for the progress of humankind. In order to promote the most ethical practices in the military, we need a shared commitment to analysis, development and sharing of ideas and principles. The military has a crucial role to play in promoting peace, democracy, and sustainable security. To effectively achieve these goals, it is paramount that military institutions aspire to the highest ethical standards, both in conducting their operations globally and in the management and treatment of their own personnel internally. Therefore military ethics should seek to enhance the delivery of effective and efficient security and justice services, by security sector institutions that are accountable to the state and its people, and operate within a framework of democratic governance, without discrimination and with full respect for human rights and the rule of law. The Asia-Pacific region consists of a distinct set of cultures, ideologies and histories in relation to military practice. This presents a unique set of challenges in developing and maintaining effective cross-cultural practices. The study of military ethics, therefore, should be broadened beyond dominant conceptions of the West to include the perspectives of our distinct region. Hence our aim is to establish a chapter of the International Society for Military Ethics that addresses the particular concerns with military ethics in the Asia-Pacific.

Guiding Principles
1. To establish an Asia-Pacific forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas on military ethics and the moral responsibilities of military and national security professionals.

2. To promote comprehensive and systematic analysis in the field of military ethics and the law of armed conflict.

3. To initiate research on Asia-Pacific and worldwide ethical traditions, as well as on the norms that guide and limit the conduct of armed force.

4. To enhance the quality of ethics education in Asia-Pacific armed forces and related security services, and the armed forces and related security services of partner countries who request advice.

5. To promote discussion and analysis relating to the ethics of intelligence and cyber-security.

6. To support educational institutions and the military command chain to analyse and conduct topical studies on operational behaviour and the impact on military ethics and other related security services.

7. To promote the harmonization of ethical principles and standards of conduct with a view to the creation of a shared culture of moral responsibility and ethical thinking.

8. To make available knowledge about this shared culture to other regions via a global network of International Societies for Military Ethics.